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This holding deposit is non refundable but is transferable to future litters.

Please read Puppy agreement below and text or email me before deposit is made.  Reply" We agree "

send or call me with you phone number and email.

 messenger is a great way to get photos. I send updated photos or videos about once a week.


Grooming a doodle is so important, Their hair grows and knots up like ours. So brushing is a must and hair cuts are needed. if you plan to get in the lake or pond a lot a short hair cut is best. Inside dogs that get brushed daily can have the long coats we all love.

These are great family dogs but are large. Please speak with a vet or trainer about the age of your children and the right time to add a puppy to your family. If you want a 50lb dog, you may want to wait til your kids are 50lb so they can be best buds and have great memories that will last a lifetime.

Welcome to our Doodle Family

Text​ or give me a call 678-232-7829 Betsy

Please feel free to text or call for more questions.

 I update photos as much as possible.

  I update as soon as I can but please text to see availability if you have a particular pup chosen, to see if still available.

Betsy Gotch
I am located between Athens and Atlanta Ga in Winder, Ga.
[email protected]