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embark for breeders

This dna test shows so much information!

I test all my dogs for genetic issues that can effect the health of your puppy

On this page I will list the Sires and Dams of my litters 

this gives you 100% knowledge of their genetic and health results.

 I include a full report in the puppy folders .

Know what you are getting!

I have talked to  several people get a" Bargain" puppy only to find out

 it wasn't what they thought they were getting!

 without AKC being available for doodles embark allows me to

 prove breed of my Dogs.

Willow F2b Double Doodle

Daughter of Xavier 60lb, Standard poodle and Opal, F2 Double Doodle

Xavier son of Lady 38lb and Alex 45lb Standard poodles

Opal, Daughter of Tank, F1 Labradoodle and Peaches F1 Goldendoodle

Willow is a Goldendoodle , Labradoodle , Poodle hybrid

Called a North American Retriever or a Double Doodle

This trio is a Superior blend of  the Retriever/ poodles that makes a doodle

Giving the pups Hybrid vigor/ health and a balanced temperament