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Betsy Gotch  ​ 678-232-7829  

 [email protected]

Facebook page Georgia doodle dogs

Reviews seen by going up to home and clicking reviews


text or call

email [email protected]


 Wanna hear a Joke?

What got the dog artist famous?

His Doodles!

I don't get it...


Thank you for visiting our Doodle page.

We are breeders of 45-65lb Standard size

 multi generational doodles.

 Located between Athens and Atlanta in Winder Georgia. 

We have a small breeding program and our dogs are part of our family.

 See Our Doodles page for photos of our home and fur family

cost of adoption is 2,250.00 Irishdoodles F1

Double Doodles, Multigenerational (F2bb and F5) curly,no shedding.

 The cost of inflation is effecting all my base cost. Deposits with zelle, venmo pay or cash app payments when prefered.

holding a spot with a litter is a

 500.00 holding deposit  then

balance due at pick up Price range 2,000.- 2,500.00

text or call to receive puppy agreement before deposit accepted

 678-232-7829 Betsy Gotch

Irish Red & White Irishdoodles 45lb F1

Double Doodles

More info on Puppies Available Page 

text or call


Waiting lists

Fill up fast

Call or text

to Reserve a spot.


upcoming Litters


Born 12/3

 Irish doodles

 1 boys available



 Double Doodles

 spots open

I have calls every day! don't hesitate to call... 

spots fill up fast!

 Next Litters

Fall 2022



Sandy- F2b

and Teddy -multi gen

Multi generational

F4 !

spots open

All Curly/ All Chocolate 


My largest 

Double Doodles 

Irishdoodles F1

Due 12/07

Take home 1/28

4 pups available


Red and White

Fall/ Winter


Wait list 

Fall 2022


Double Doodles 


Next ​Double doodles in the Winter 

{500.00 Deposit}

200.00pre birth


500.00 total deposit


at pick up,

or make payments.

I accept 




Cash app


call or text for more info


Call or text  if you want to ask more questions, Betsy Gotch 678-232-7829

After you make your deposit you will see beautiful photo's each week. when they are active a short video will be posted.

Pet Love

Puppy Care​

We take great care with our doodle babies. From the moment they are born We are there taking care of the mothers and puppies needs. 

All parents have been health tested.

I do the super dog Bio stimulation in the early phase as well as infant canine massage. 

also, socialization and early potty training

 with each puppy.

We also do speech school from age 4 weeks to 8 weeks. This is when they learn words so fast. 

Sit, Stay , Come, Outside as well as other words. Good, beautiful, no, stop. no bite, down.

The puppies are raised in our home and have play time outdoors . by the age of 6 weeks they are using the doggie door and going potty outside. they are socialized with my kids and my cats. the sounds of house do not startle them , they are brave and playful.

They are health checked at 6 weeks by the vet and given their 1st set of shots.

Our Doodle Family

We love and treat our dogs like part of the family

. They sleep in our rooms at night and play on our

 2 Acres during the day.

all our dogs have been health tested through embark.

Opal is our F2

 retired Double Doodle ( retired)  and the mom of

 Willow 50lb Chocolate F2b and

 Bridget 55lb Red F2b

 that are our multi generational girls.

 Molly is our  60 lb Red girl a smart sweet

 F2 Double doodle(. Retired)

Mom of Sandy and Journey

our CKC 60lb  Stud Xavier

, father of Bridget and Willow,

  Black Standard Poodle( retired .)

Westley 50lb 

AKC small Standard Poodle

2020 Litter of Red and White Party Irishdoodles 

Apricot and White party

Evie 45lb

Irish Red and White Setter

Sandy F2b 

Bearded Retriever


Sophia Red 45lb Irish Setter

Journey, Sandy's sister

Chocolate Double Doodle

Doodle support team

Our Vets

*Home Pet care Mobile Vet

Katie Wolczek,DMV

Comes to my home

personal referal


*Maggie's Menagerie

Dr Sjoberg

180 Abbey Road 

ILa. Ga


My son . co. Owner

J.P. Kaminski ( 21)

Transport and main handler of adult dogs

, assistant,main poop scooper

 photographer and kennel care.


puppy grooming and 

all around awesome assistant